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Social selling

Social Selling: Top Tools For Your Business

Have you ever utilised social media to the web, locate a job or market a product or service?

Gone are the days of cold pitching and door to door sales, now is the time we focus on authentic audience engagement through the new content generation and digital selling as we call it in modern digital world

Rising Social Media Database

Due to a substantial rise in the social media database, and our social media strategy such be devised such to produce an optimum result, understanding it as key to success in the era of technological advancements.

Considering our social behaviour, even when we are not selling, we are pretty much using our networking skills making connections, professionally and personally.

Let us understand what is social selling, and how can platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc provide us with a visibility boost?

sell socially

Understanding the meaning of social selling

Okay, people let us move to the retro age, a salesman knocks on your door to sell soap, this happened every hour. Small business with limited budgets sought several ways to generate and convert leads, most famous of which was cold calling by looking up telephone directories etc

We are blessed today that we can access the world with the touch of a button

Effective social selling

Is social selling effective?

Today, social media has become an effective medium to generate leads, position brand and build awareness. In fact, according to a report around 70% of the population uses social media platforms for effective selling.

Social Media has become the best way to initiate lead campaigning for marking prospects. You can do pretty much everything using it. Whether you want to sell yourself as an employee or build your own personal brand or sell your product and services.


One of the best social media, Linkedin is a platform to expand your selling base by establishing professional network interactions. It supports plenty of features like showcasing your authority, building customer engagement and interest, sharing relevant information.


Linkedin basic to help you connect the dots

Connect with your target customer and build engagement. Understand their interest to stimulate interest in your brand and build interactions on your page, using LinkedIn. We will help you understand some of its very basic features:

Understand the psyche of your customer/target audience by tracking their interests. Linked in has a side panel which shows ” also viewed” hence it helps you trace the digital footprint.

Linkedin Pulses gives you the facility to publish the post directly on the platform just like SlideShare does. This helps you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and enhances your visibility as a brand.

Social Selling Tools powered by Linkedin

We have our top 5 picks

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This tool facilitates your lead hunt, keeping a track on activities of the target group. For example, it suggests contact suggestions and lets you view your latest visitors.

Lead builder can be used along with the sales navigator to save your prospects for follow up later

2.Sales Navigator for Gmail

Sales navigator fundamentally collects precise bits and pieces of data from other people’s LinkedIn profiles and shares them using Gmail. It permits you a deeper insight into your Gmail to learn about your connections.


Leadfeeder gathers the digital and social footprints of your target audience. You can connect it to your CRM, email marketing, and Analytics tools for improved data collection.

This tool is helpful to understand, why are you falling short on the engagement aspects for a certain amount of audience – for example, page visitors do not convert to action.  What is causing them to bounce off? This tool helps you find out these reasons to improve your marketing.


This is the go-to app for you,  If you’re concentrated on the lead creation and conversion using social apps like LinkedIn.

Detective is an AI-based app which allows automated web search, facilitating sales personnel to develop client relationships based on the dataset.

Besides that, it will also initiate business meetings by notifying everyone about the purview of the meeting, and it helps to make your pitches worthy and appropriate by gathering the accurate data ahead of time.

5. Guru

Guru can help you find quality leads and prospects in a fraction of the time frame it would take for you to do specific types of research if you were to try sifting through multiple profiles. It will grab specific data based on competitive analysis and will offer you guidance on sales based on the information that it gleans about a given prospect or industry. Most importantly, it comes with collaboration tools so that you can work with others to build your contact lists.

Are you selling socially?

Everyone these days are selling themselves, whether or not they know it. While your point of concern is not selling you can always improve your social standing using these platform. Connecting with your dream employer, engaging client and prospects or just acquiring a new skill.

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