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Why to Become a Training Partner?

The main reason behind becoming a Training Partner is that, as opposed to starting a fresh training business independently, it minimises risk, while simultaneously maximising the chance of success.

There was never an optimum and promising time than now, to invest in and build a Digital Marketing Training business!

The Digital Learning Sector is closely linked to Digital Marketing Industry. This means all Digital Marketing Agencies, Corporate Companies, and Individuals who seek a rewarding career in Digital Marketing Sector and enhance their skill sets by acquiring the Global Certification are your clients.

The training partner model will allow you to focus on managing, rather than looking for and delivering solutions to the customers. The training partner business model works because of critical mass and economies of scale that allow the business owner to enjoy the lower operating costs.

So if you want to expand your current training business, venture in to a new training business vertical or become an entrepreneur; it will be with a tried and market tested business model.

Why to Choose DIGIEDGE Learning?

We are highly professional, long term player with extensive industry exposure and experience in the particular vertical. We have strategically positioned our brand as a professional human resource manager to satisfy the skills gap of the highly competitive Digital Marketing Industry.

We operate in a very niche and clearly defined business vertical – Digital Marketing Training. We are the bridge between every aspiring Digital Marketing Professional and the industry that needs to fill up roles accroess diverse functions with high quality human assets.

Our Partnership with Digital Marketing Institute – Ireland, sets the global standard in digital selling and marketing certification. We have certified more professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification body.

We work with digital industry experts to design and develop standards to certification that define the digital skills and capabilities required of today ’s professionals. Our certifications deliver best current practice, theory and applied skills in digital, and are recognized and respected across all industry sectors.

Gaining a certification from the DIGIEDGE Learning and DMI will ensure you have the essentials kills and knowledge needed to excel as a digital professional. Through a series of comprehensive, structured modules you willknow how to integrate key digital tactics and practices into your sales techniques and measure and iterate the success of your digital selling strategy.

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