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As the digital economy continues to thrive, professionals with relevant and up-to-date skills are in huge demand. As a result, individuals across roles and industries are seeking industry validated certifications that can add value to their skill-set and make them instantly employable.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, increase enrolments, align skills with the needs of industry or provide flexible learning options, our certification programs will ensure you stand out from the crowd. We associate with organizations that are committed to providing the best education and training available to advance careers, boost digital capabilities and address the digital skills shortage.

Our Core Competency – In a Nutshell

At DIGIEDGE we provide a broad range of Digital Marketing courses to both students and professionals. These programs helps in acquiring Global Standards and Professional Development Skills. DIGIEDGE offers a compelling business opportunity to both entrepreneurs and companies.

It is the opportunity to own and operate a business that provides much more than a service. It is truly rewarding business.

Core Competency

The DIGIEDGE Training Partner Model

In the DIGIEDGE Training Partner Model there are 3 Key Factors –

1. You as the Training Partner will be the owner of the Knowledge Centre.

2. It is you the authorised licensee who will retain the maximum revenue share.

3. You will get complete operating freedom to expand the business.

The DIGIEDGE Training Centre can expect business from 3 Channels

B2C Channel

– By acquiring learners directly from open market.

B2B Channel

– By training and certifying employees of digital marketing agencies and other corporate companies.

B2G Channel

– By acquiring training contracts through Government Bodies.

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