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Highest Paying Jobs For Digital Marketing Professionals

As dynamic as the digital world is, not only makes it ever growing industry space but also, generated a gamut of job offerings with alluring pay structure. Different careers with a varied skill set, aptitude, nature of work and challenges make it a very enticing career arena.

Veering towards business and management, tech or the creative end of the spectrum, there is always a scope of digital jobs being available. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top in-demand position with solid salary trajectory.

Content Strategy

1. Content Managers & Strategists

Content management is really a pivotal role for any company’s digital marketing team as it touches on almost all levels of marketing – and it encompasses much more than just writing and social media activity.

Managers need not only create SEO-friendly content, but also organize, store, and manage it as well. They also need to develop and share a variety of content.

Content creators work on every aspect of audience engagement including social media management calendar queues, event tracking, videos, reporting and strategizing using analytics, along with coordinating teams and work with a diverse range of clientele.

To this end, they not only need to be great writers, but they also need to be able to create amazing content that works across all marketing channels.

Earning potential: 5,00,000 INR and upwards annually.

Virtual Reality

2. Virtual Reality Developers and Editors

Giving room to those with the realm of creative tech, this is fairly a new arena with plenty of opportunities. If you are someone with a background that combines technology and creativity, graphics, special effects, this will be a great field for you.  You may end up with a director type role or start out as an assistant, tester or editor.

VR is a niche purchase and is an extremely specialized field. It is increasingly being used in digital marketing campaigns and to this end, those that have a strong foundation in technical arts and digital marketing management will be highly valued.

Earning potential: At the very low end of the spectrum, a VR specialist can expect to earn 4,50,000 INR but there are plenty of opportunities to make 7,00,000 INR and upwards annually depending on the industry.


3. SEO/SEM Specialists

SEO and SEM are essential for a substantial digital marketing campaign and to this end, anyone illustrating solid technical experience in combination with digital expertise will be the highest earners in this domain.

Enterprises must stay up-to-date in order to have a consistently high ROI and the bigger the business is, the more complicated this can be. In addition, e-business sites and those that depend profoundly on internet traffic for profits will be subject to a strong SEO / SEM maneuvering.

Fundamentally, most businesses will aspire to rank high, so they will demand people with deep expertise in these areas and this trend is not likely to slow down, especially as digital technology continues to penetrate more and more aspects of our lives.

Earning potential: The low end of the spectrum for these types of jobs is 4,30,000 INR annually but more experienced SEO/SEM specialists and analysts can expect to earn at least 7,00,000 INR annually.


4. UX Designer

User Experience (UX) designers are accountable for the end-to-end evolution of websites and digital marketing applications. A deep technological background or a better grasp on the design point.

UX designers are focused on understanding the audiences to device a suitable website as well as have an in-depth information of the product or service given purchaser proposals.

They will typically take the leading position in project administration for visual design and testing, with precision on the usability of a website or application from commencement to end.

Earning potential: The starting salary may be as low as 3,60,000 INR annually but experienced designers can earn over 10,00,000 INR per year.


5. Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is an illustration of a technoscientific area of content development furthermore, marketing. People in charge of email marketing are remarkably well versed in marketing as well as copywriting and proofreading.

Email remains to be one of the most reliable styles of content. To do this well you must be equipped to write persuasively. You’ll also be in charge of campaigns, launches, and PR pursuits based on vast databases of client data and multiple programs.

Email marketing is principally a lead-generating project and thus experts would likely be operating in tangent with digital marketing and/or content managers on targeted campaigns.

Earning potential: E-mail marketing managers can expect to earn around 4,30,000 INR depending on experience.

Digital Marketing

6. Digital Marketing Managers & Directors

CMOs and VPS can expect to make well over 100 K per year, as can creative directors. This needs years of practice in the discipline but this may not be too prolonged if you have an abundance of managerial wisdom supporting your skills.

An efficient digital marketing manager or creative director requires to have a solid hold of everything to do with marketing and business. They must be notably well versed in vital planning and accomplishment, as well as economic forecasting. And they must be capable of delegating while considering prospects and supporting firm on resolutions.

Earning potential: Digital marketing managers and directors can expect to earn in a similar range to other marketing managers, which can exceed 7,00,000 INR annually.


7. Analysts & AI Specialists

Except you’ve been dwelling under a rock, you’re apparently aware that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the hottest up-and-coming technologies and it’s not about to go away promptly. And with the emergence of big data, anyone who can create methods to investigate this information in such a way that it can be applied to imperative marketing will be profoundly in need.

Anyone who practices this domain will have technical degrees and a computing science training. If this is something you’re curious about, you’ll want to get a solid knowledge of data optimization and machine learning, as well as have an in-depth experience of programming.

Data analysts will always be in demand as the class grows further and further into data-dependent because of, for example, the Internet of Things.

Earning potential: Data Analysts will likely be taking home at least 7,00,000 INR a year, and AI engineers will earn twice this much or more.

Tips for Developing and Modifying your Digital Marketing Skills

Anyone associated in business marketing or leadership should acknowledge their current and potential level of digital marketing abilities as profoundly estimable – because certainly, they are. Even if they’re not super high tech.

But if you don’t feel that you’re that technologically informed or developed, don’t worry! There are a plethora of ways to obtain digital marketing training to acquire and develop your skills, even if you don’t feel you have the time or resources to go back to school full time. Online learning and e-learning are keys to victory for many, especially those who want to pivot existing skills mid-career.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Practice an online digital marketing course
  • Develop your own website
  • Network in the field of specialization that you are drawn to
  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Subscribe to blogs that extend free learning resources regularly
  • Engage in Facebook groups in your area of interest

There are a few specific subsets of skills that you can work to improve on from the comfort of your own home. For instance, content development and marketing, WordPress, SEO, and marketing automation are all areas that will continue to be in demand.

No matter what you choose to specialize in, everyone will need people with digital marketing experience, and even if you’re not technically minded, there are still plenty of opportunities to develop the career of your dreams in digital marketing and earn a comfortable income.

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